Caution: Videos Are Hot – Proceed with Enthusiasm!

Caution: Videos Are Hot – Proceed with Enthusiasm!

Videos are one of the most popular forms of communication – and it’s easy to see why. As a customizable, educational, and entertaining tool, videos offer a user-friendly solution for communicating important information to viewers. Videos are perfect for employee benefits communication because they offer:

  1. Universal appeal: Employee of all ages, demographics, and geography watch and enjoy videos.
  2. Connection to our senses: Videos delight our sense of sight, sound, and humor (ha!).
  3. True value: Videos are easily shared, often watched, and budget friendly.

Video Is Trending

Video usage is at an all-time high and its popularity is continuing to rise. We’re not just talking about millennials. From baby boomers to generation Z, people of all ages enjoy watching videos. The numbers tell a compelling story.

  • Mobile video views are increasing exponentially year after year.
  • Internet users now spend close to one hour a day watching online videos.
  • Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text.

With momentum like this, now is a great time to use video messaging to reach employees anytime, anywhere. Tap into this trend by giving employees the information they need in a format they will appreciate. Here are some of the best video types for communicating employee benefits.

Microvideos for Mega Impact

While many of our clients request videos that are 3-5 minutes in length, we are seeing a shift toward an even shorter format, the microvideo. Microvideos are 5-60 second videos that include quick bursts of information that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device. Your employees have likely seen these videos on social media, as they are extremely popular on outlets, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram (think funny cat videos, TikTok dances, and product announcements). Click the link below to see one way we use microvideos – as a fun demo reel!

Tip #1: Encourage action with microvideos that offer open enrollment teasers, deadline reminders, or team-building exercises.

Explainer Videos Keep You in the Know

Explainer videos are brief videos which educate viewers on a single topic. Explainer videos provide education through entertainment, which leads to higher engagement and effectiveness.

It can be challenging for employees to read and understand their benefits materials. Use both visual and auditory stimuli, such as images, text, movement, music, and voice, to help employees retain more information for a longer period of time. Score bonus points if the video also appeals to an employee’s sense of humor!

Tip #2: Provide benefits insight and reminders throughout the year by sending video links to employees via emails, newsletters, or benefit guides. Send a postcard with a QR code that links to an open enrollment video or add an explainer video to the pages of your benefits microsite to give employees another way to learn about their plan options.

Worth Their Weight in Gold

A top advantage of videos is that they can be consumed in a variety of ways. Your employees can watch on their phones, tablets, computers, or even on a breakroom TV. This makes it convenient for employees to view, share, or re-watch a video on their preferred platform at any time.

Not only do employees value the experience of watching a video, they’re also saving themselves – and the company – valuable time. According to TechSmiths’s Value of Visual report, employees absorb information better, faster, and retain it longer when watching a video than they do when reading text. This report shows that employees who regularly use information as part of their job can save over 6 minutes a day by getting more information by video. While that number may seem insignificant, when compounded over a year, even this slight increase in productivity, can add up to significant time and cost savings.

Tip #3: Save even more money by making your videos evergreen. Use topics and visuals that will be relevant year after year to get the most bang for your buck.

The Takeaway

The possibilities are endless. With new styles, formats, and platforms being created all the time, this looks to be a trend that will be here for many years to come.

If you are thinking about using videos to explain company benefits, onboard new recruits, enhance company culture, or train employees, reach out to us. We’re here to help.

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