6 Reasons Why Benefits Videos Are More Important Than Ever


Let’s face it, communicating employee benefits can be challenging at the best of times. With the unprecedented number of people working from home, employers may find it increasingly difficult to keep employees informed about important company initiatives and benefits information.

Here’s why we believe videos are an effective way to increase employee engagement and understanding of your company’s message.

1.   Videos are extremely popular

Most of us watch a lot of video content. In fact, according to a video marketing survey, people watch about 16 hours of videos online per week – that’s over 2 hours a day!

We’re not just talking about funny cat videos. When people were asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a video, as opposed to 18% who would rather read text.

Since most people already enjoy watching videos, your employees will be more likely to watch, re-watch, and share video messages.

2.   Videos are easy to use

With convenient access to video via cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, video is one of the simplest ways to reach employees.

Employers have the ability to send videos through a variety of communication channels. For example, you can embed a video into an email with the word “video” in the subject line, which has been shown to increase open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.

You can also include a QR code (yes, they’re back!) or a link to the video on the company intranet, benefit microsite, benefit guide, postcard, or poster to provide multiple touchpoints so your employees easily find and watch your videos.

3.   Videos can inform and entertain

When it comes to communicating benefits, more is not always better. Keep your employees’ attention by creating videos that are informative but brief.

Videos of less than 60 seconds in length are preferred by most people. A 30-60 second video can communicate an abundance of information such as enrollment details, new benefit options, wellness reminders, and more. If employees want detailed plan information, they can be directed to the company’s benefits website or benefit guide.

You can also create a video library with related videos on a variety of benefit topics, such as:

  • Open enrollment
  • Onboarding
  • Benefit highlights
  • Where to go for care
  • Finding a provider
  • Wellness

Videos provide a unique opportunity to turn an educational message into an enjoyable user experience. Use a combination of animations, interesting graphics, on-screen text, engaging voiceover, and/or catchy music for a multi-sensory experience that will be watched and remembered.

4.   Videos can inspire action

Now that you have their attention, get employees to take action. Employees viewing your video on their phone or laptop, have a tool at their fingertips (literally!) to take the next step.

Include a simple call-to-action (CTA) early in the video to encourage employees to:

  • Learn More. Direct employees to their benefits site or company intranet.
  • Enroll Now. Include the website or phone number for the enrollment site.
  • Get Started with Wellness. Provide access to information about the company’s wellness program.
  • Download the App. Share download instructions for your benefits app.

5.   Videos are effective

You’ve sent the video to your employees – now what? Videos allow you to find out how well your message is being received. Employers can track and analyze views and click rates to see the videos effectiveness.

According to video marketing experts, video is a powerful communication tool that gives a positive return on investment. With increasing video usage, easy tracking solutions, and analysis capabilities, video looks to remain an effective benefits communication option for years to come.

6.   Videos are YOU-nique

Your company has a unique brand that is easily recognized by your employees. A corporate-branded video can give employees a sense of connection to the company, especially when they’re working from home.

Videos are a great way to communicate your company’s benefits, onboarding process, training, company news, and more – the opportunities are limitless. Customize the content and style of your videos to your company’s culture and goals. From live action to animation, you can create a video that’ll resonate with your target audience.

Need inspiration? Check out a few of CPI’s custom video samples:

For even more video ideas, check out our online portfolio or visit commpart.com. Contact hello@commpart.com or your dedicated project manager to discuss how CPI can help create a custom video campaign for your employees.

With more employees working from home than ever before, now is a great time to add videos to your benefits communicate strategy. Give employees a fun and effective way to get the information they need to make wise benefit decisions during open enrollment and throughout the year.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to see how the team at Communication Partners can help you design a custom video to achieve your company’s employee communication goals.

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