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Choose Your Own Adventure with Self-Guided Presentations


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Everyone likes to do things their own way whether it’s ordering food, cleaning, or getting from point A to point B. We look for ways to fit our experiences into our unique perspectives and personalities.

In a world full of customization, why should learning about benefits be a “one size fits all”?

At CPI, we offer a wide range of communication pieces that are designed for maximum impact—everything from videos to guides to benefits hubs and beyond.

One product in particular gives employees the opportunity to customize their benefits experience: the Self-Guided Presentation.

Welcome to the New Way of Personalizing Benefits

Self-Guided Presentations take employees on a tour of their benefits information. While a video is designed for viewing from start to finish, our Self-Guided Presentations are created for employees to chart their own course, at their own pace, and in their own time.

We work with each client to create the Self-Guided Presentation of their dreams, but we recommend following a flow based on these points:

First stop: the basics

Enrollment dates, instructions, and eligibility requirements may not be the most exciting topics, but they are important. We think of them as ground rules. Give employees quick access to a solid foundation, and the benefits world is wide open. But if employees want to skip this part, it’s easy to do (and easy to come back to when they need the information).

Pick your own path

Thanks to chapters, finding the stopping points is easy. With each topic clearly marked, the power to choose a path is in each employee’s hands…or fingers. Just by clicking on a topic, the viewer can delve into their medical plans or explore their 401(k) benefits. Each topic can be viewed in any order.

Learn what you want

Employees and their spouses may want a brief explanation of certain topics when they are making their benefits decisions. Self-Guided Presentations let them focus on specific topics or review whole chapters. Instead of hunting for the right spot in a video, employees know just where to go for the topic of their choice.

  • Looking for the right medical plan? Head to the Medical chapter to explore your choices.
  • Searching for tax savings opportunities? Check out the FSA section and learn ways you can save.
  • Thinking about income protection? Explore the disability and life insurance chapters.

Come back and visit anytime

One of the best features of Self-Guided Presentations is they are always available. After onboarding and Open Enrollment, employees can revisit the presentation whenever they have questions about their benefits or want to learn more—especially helpful for those mid-year life event changes. Self-Guided Presentations can be added to the list of resources available to employees in email communications, quarterly newsletters, and on your employee benefits hub.

The Takeaway

Effectively communicating with employees starts by understanding their needs. By offering a customized, visual experience, Self-Guided Presentations empower employees to get to know their benefits in the way that works best for them.

Looking to add a Self-Guided Presentation to your communications line-up? We can help!

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