Mini Is Mighty: Bite-Size Guides Pack a Punch

The standard printed benefit guide is a staple of benefits communications. It’s familiar. It’s thorough. It’s swell. But, sometimes, a little goes a long way.

We see the value of the traditional guide format. It’s shorter than an SPD, makes much more sense than a benefit summary, is easier to digest than a bunch of flyers, and includes the nitty gritty details of all the nifty benefits you offer – even things like pet insurance, profit-sharing, and paid time off.

At times, these mega guides can be overwhelming. Since the way we consume information has changed (#Instagram), it might be time to reimagine your benefits communication strategy.

That’s where the mighty mini-guide comes in.

Big things come in small packages

One request we DON’T hear from employees is, “can you make my benefits materials longer and wordier?” Many tech-savvy HR teams are now opting for digitally-minded guides, such as CPI’s navigation-enhanced digital guide. But where does that leave the print lovers who still want to level up their communications game?

Introducing the CPI benefits mini-guide

The mini-guide doesn’t just look cute. It strategically positions content and design to be a driver of self-service and deliver powerful benefits education. From onboarding to open enrollment and everything in between, mini-guides can be customized to include the information employees need to make decisions and take action. And because it has a smaller footprint, it’s easier to tuck away and save for later use (#self-service!).

So how do we do it?

1. Create a new and exciting format

We know the best things come in small packages. Why not go for a 6×9 guide? It’s compact like a field guide and fits in a purse or even in a pocket. Or maybe go square. 8.5×8.5 makes you curious about what’s inside. It’s fun to hold and easier to store.

2. Refine the content to its most potent form

Your mini-guide doesn’t have to be the encyclopedia of benefits. You can link to other communication pieces for that. Instead, empower your employees by showing only the most relevant details. Then, direct them to other resources for more information (let’s say it again – self-service!).

3. Make it pop

Optimize the smaller space to focus on visuals. Think infographics, callout boxes with hooks, page hierarchy, and photography with an edge. Tell the story visually, and employees will have an easier time drilling down to the info they need before sending your team an email (one more time – self-service!).

Below are a few samples of mini-guides we’ve created in the past year, each with its own strategic presence within an overall campaign.

The Takeaway: The mini-guide is a dynamo

Mini-guides are the perfect complement to your benefits campaign. While we appreciate a traditional benefits guide and benefits website for a deep dive into your benefits program, the mini-guide is a powerhouse – giving employees important benefits information in a format that’s big on value.

Wondering if the mini-guide is a good fit for your benefits communications campaign? Let’s start a conversation!

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