Revive Your Old-Fashioned Guide

4 Fresh Ways to Reimagine Benefits

We all know the standard benefits guide. It includes the same information and follows the same order every year; it’s trusty and predictable.

While familiarity can feel comfortable, it may be time to spice up your benefits guide. We believe benefits are vitally important. But if employees don’t know about them, don’t understand them, or don’t use them, that’s a problem. A fresh approach to the benefits guide will give employees a new way to discover the information and tools they need to get the most out of their benefits.

So how do you shake up your benefits communications?

It’s time to think outside the benefits box.

At CPI, we like to reimagine benefits. Yes, we still need to cover the basics—medical, dental, vision, eligibility, etc.—but there are so many ways to help employees see their benefits through a different lens. Making simple changes to your guide will spark employees’ interest and keep them engaged.

Here are four ways to take your communications to the next level:

Hot Topics Come First

Start with the benefits employees care about most. Lately, the data shows that mental health and financial wellness are popular topics. Try rearranging your guide to highlight these benefits first and move the boring stuff, like eligibility (snore), to the back. Not sure what’s most important to your employees? Find out by asking questions or conducting a survey.

Make It Fun and Interactive

Using digital communications? The world is your oyster! A Nav-Enhanced Guide or Benefits Hub gives you the ability to add interactive content. By making things clickable, adding fun facts, and linking out to important resources, like videos and vendor websites, you can show benefits in a more engaging way. And, bonus, when people interact with information, they remember what they read.

You can also kick those boring, bulky legal notices to the curb and replace them with a link to access the notices either as a PDF or on your benefits website.

Presenting…Pillars of Health

Well-being has become more important than ever. Presenting benefits from the viewpoint of pillars of health, such as physical, mental, social, and financial, can help your employees think about how they can apply their benefits to fit their lifestyle and needs to best promote their personal well-being.

This style makes it easy for employees to find exactly what section to look in for the help they need and discover other benefits they may not know about.

Let’s Get Visual

One of the coolest ways to rethink your guide is by finding unique opportunities to make benefits pop! Swap wordy paragraphs for infographics to bring your benefits to life. Here are some ideas:

  • Visually compare plans, e.g., HSAs vs. FSAs
  • Break down steps with simple graphics
  • Encourage informed decisions with lifestyle examples

Infographics simplify hard-to-understand topics and make benefits information easier (and more interesting) to read.

The Takeaway

Don’t be afraid to change things up! A different perspective keeps your guide fresh and engages your employees in new ways. Take a little time to think about how to make your guide the best it can be!

Ready to reimagine your guide? We can help.


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