Make It Memorable: Crafting a Benefits Campaign That Sticks

Benefits campaign

Think about your favorite brands. Can you picture the advertisements and marketing campaigns that surround their products? Chances are, you can recall images and messages from social media, television, billboards, sporting events, or even mail delivered right to your home. You can probably recite slogans or instantly identify the companies associated with the red circles or blue trucks, right?

But, if you asked your employees who their dental carrier is or what the annual HSA limits are, do you think they’d hit the target (pun intended)? The fact is, only about half would. According to a 2017 survey by Guardian, just 49 percent of workers could identify which plans they were enrolled in.

Since benefits are a major investment, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make those benefits as memorable as a trip to the rainforest? (Yes, that was another pun). There is! The key is consistency and a strategic communications campaign.

4 Essentials of a Winning Communications Campaign

  1. Engage all demographics
    Your population is diverse, and your media should be too. A communications specialist can help you understand your people and suggest which forms of communication will resonate most.
  2. Repeat the message
    The mere-exposure effect states that people are most responsive to messaging they’ve seen multiple times (10-20 views at least!). That one email you sent in October? It’s not enough. Staying top-of-mind means people can make more informed decisions and save both themselves and the plan money.
  3. Keep it going
    Open Enrollment has long been the Santa Claus of benefits communication. It shows up once a year, brings new, shiny things, and disappears quickly. An effective campaign doesn’t stop once Open Enrollment is over. Instead, it’s a constant reminder to employees about where and how to access care and the good things their benefits can do for them in January, July, December, and all the months in between.
  4. Embrace creativity
    Who says benefits must be boring? An effective campaign thinks outside the box to help draw attention to the plans and programs that can help keep your employees healthy and happy. Humor, interesting imagery, infographics, and new uses for digital media keep things fresh and fun.

Make Your Benefits Communications Pop

With an effective communications campaign in the works, you can make the different pieces shine. But how do you go from meh to amazing communications?

Our team at Communication Partners works with more than 150 clients each year. We will advise and collaborate to create customized videos, hero sites, benefit guides, posters, postcards, websites, mobile apps, and more. Your employees will instantly recognize your benefits materials and engage in the ongoing benefits conversation.

Take a look at how we design a benefits campaign that wows:

The Key to Campaign Success

Open communication with your employees can lead to meaningful discussions about the information they need and the best method of delivery. Pivot as needed and be receptive to new ideas for communicating benefits. Remember, with multiple touchpoints throughout the year, you have the opportunity to not only reach employees, but do it in a manner that is unique and impactful.

The Takeaway

Benefits communication campaigns offer the perfect opportunity to drive engagement and help employees make wiser decisions about their health. With year-round strategies, your communications can hit the bullseye every time. Your employees will be lovin’ it. (Had to get a last pun in.)

Browse our gallery to see some of our favorite benefits campaigns and contact us to get started.

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