5 Tips to Take Your Guide from Good to Great

The benefits guide is the gold standard in employee benefits communication. It’s one of the most trusted ways to communicate your benefits comprehensively during onboarding, Open Enrollment, and throughout the year. Think of the benefits guide as a blank canvas. While certain information needs to be included, the way you communicate your company’s benefits and how you present them have endless possibilities.

At Communication Partners, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create benefits guides employees will read and understand. And we’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way to maximize engagement.

1. Less is more

Keep it simple. Saturating your guide with every plan detail is not necessary. Most people take one look at a crowded page of text and turn the page. Instead, think highlights. Focus on communicating the most important benefits information, and then give employees links to other resources (i.e., SBCs, plan documents, intranets, carrier websites, etc.) where they can learn more. If you choose a nav-enhanced guide, you can easily make your guide clickable for a streamlined, interactive experience.

2. Call it out

Pull out valuable tidbits of information and put them into callout boxes. By using design elements and pops of color, you can draw special attention to what employees need to know and how they can get the most out of their benefits. Whether you want to emphasize carrier contact information, IRS maximums, or cost saving tips, callout boxes will catch your employees’ eye and make your guide memorable.

3. Show it in pictures

Most people prefer visuals rather than lengthy blocks of text. Communicating your benefits with beautiful imagery, colors, and design elements from your brand guide is a sure way to grab the attention of your employees. You can use images and icons that are relatable to each benefit plan. Better yet, take your communications to the next level with infographics to clearly illustrate how each benefit works.

4. Link your legal notices

Legal notices make your benefits guide appear content heavy and uninteresting to your employees. They also increase the cost of your guide in terms of page count and print/fulfillment pricing. Instead of including them in your guide, add a clickable link to the notices via your intranet. Get more tips on managing your legal notices here.

5. Share stories

Use lifestyle examples so your employees know how their benefits work in action. When deciding between an HMO, PPO, and HDHP with HSA, your employees may not fully understand which medical plan would be best for their family. Adding real life examples will help educate your employees on what their out-of-pocket costs can be with each option.

The Takeaway

Taking your guide to the next level keeps employees educated and engaged. Whether you want to play with a different size guide or explore digital options, using these tips will help you effectively communicate the benefits your company has to offer.

Ready to take your communications from good to great? We can help.

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