Want Bottom Line Improvement? Ask for Feedback.

Survey feedback leads to better products and services

We are in the business of making our clients look good. We provide products and services that educate employees, reduce Human Resources burden, and provide brokers a valuable resource.

We know that to serve our clients well, year after year, we need to continually improve. Whether through new products, enhanced processes, or exceptional service, we have found that the way to be better is to ask our clients what they need – then deliver it.

We Asked, You Answered

Each year, we conduct a survey of our Human Resources clients and broker partners to get feedback on our products and services. We start by asking about our clients’ benefits communication goals to make sure we align our services accordingly. Here’s what you told us:

HR’s top benefits-related goals

  1. Reduce basic benefits questions from employees
  2. Help employees comprehend and better use their benefits
  3. Give employees tools to make smarter personal health and financial decisions
  4. Increase employee appreciation of the value of the benefits offered

Targeted Solution: Increase Digital Communication

We targeted these goals by doubling our efforts in digital communications centered around benefit microsites. CPI’s microsites allow our clients to have a digital hub to direct employees throughout the year and especially during open enrollment.

Many clients supplemented their microsite with postcards mailed to the employee’s home with easy-to-scan QR codes and emailed links.

This solution directly overcame the challenge of employees not opening or reading their open enrollment materials. With CPI’s microsites, clients consistently see increased employee engagement – typically over 65% of employees are going on the microsite with average time spent over 2 minutes per session.  Some clients have over 85% of their employees engaged on the microsite!

In addition, these employees also self-served which dramatically decreased the need for HR to answer questions that are now found on the site. These engaged employees better understand their benefit options and appreciate the value of the benefits being offered.

The Delivery: High-Value Product with Exceptional Service

When you give feedback, we pay attention. We listen to the details and use that to improve our products and services. We are pleased to hear that our efforts align with your goals and help you provide employees with a better benefits experience. To find out if we’re serving you well – we start our feedback surveys with a Net Promoter Score question:

How likely is it that you would recommend Communication Partners, Inc. (CPI) to a friend or colleague? (on a scale of 1 to 10)

For those unfamiliar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS), it’s a widely adopted tool used as a measure of customer satisfaction with a standard scale to compare across companies and industries. Net Promoter Scores range from negative 100 to positive 100. This chart shows what the ranges typically mean.

Our Net Promoter Scores

score 82In our 2019 survey, we received an all-time high NPS score of 82. We were humbled and pleased by this generous score. Could we possibly duplicate such a high number in the future?

score 88Yes, in fact, our 2020 result surpassed it! You rewarded our team’s planning, development, and hard work with an impressive NPS score of 88. That is almost unheard of – and we could not be more grateful.

When employees read their benefit materials, understand their choices, and appreciate the company for providing a strong benefits package, everybody wins. We’re delighted to be part of your benefits communication solution.

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