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Open Enrollment is one of the most stressful times of year for Human Resources and employee benefits teams. It means months of preparation, dozens of communications, and a mile-long to do list.

To make it easier for you and your team, we have created the ultimate Open Enrollment Toolkit. Packed with valuable resources and innovative tools, the Open Enrollment Toolkit can take you from overwhelmed to organized. The best part? The Open Enrollment Toolkit is absolutely FREE!

Introducing the Toolkit

Product Offering

At CPI, we have decades of experience in communicating benefits. Over the years, we have tested new products and honed our trusty standards to offer the best of the best. So, browse our Product Offering to see if there’s something there to fit your needs and speak to your employees.


Goal-Setting Worksheet

Start your Open Enrollment season off on the right foot by defining the key messages, goals, and objectives, getting those important dates on your calendar, and choosing your communication pieces. Our Goal-Setting Worksheet will keep you on track and on time.

Before/During/After Checklist

We’re all about to do lists, but when we’re in the thick of Open Enrollment, it’s easy to forget some things. With our Checklist, you’ll find helpful reminders for before, during and after Open Enrollment.

Employee Video

Want to catch your employees’ attention in under a minute? Look no further than our Open Enrollment Video. It’s simple and effective, and you can share it easily through email or on your benefits website.

Eye-Catching Badges

We’ve created Open Enrollment badges that can be added to your email signature, posted on your benefits site, or displayed on your Company’s intranet. They serve as great reminders for each phase of Open Enrollment. 


Helpful Tips Lists

We love quick tips, and we know you will too. They’re fun, easy to scan, and give us new ideas. So, we’ve created three top 5 lists:

  • Top 5 Tips for an Easy, Breezy Open Enrollment
  • Top 5 Tips to Engage Remote Employees
  • Top 5 Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (feel free to share this one with your employees!)

The Takeaway

Are you as excited as we are about the Open Enrollment Toolkit? Download it here and enjoy! As always, if you need any support, we’re here to help

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