The Microsite: An Employee Benefits Game-Changer

Employees are experiencing more distractions and changes in the workplace than ever before – leaving benefits communication lost in the commotion. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. A benefits microsite can reduce employee confusion and HR burden by providing a streamlined, self-service hub for everything benefits-related. It’s a triumph for the company and each team member.

A simple way to score big

A benefits microsite offers a straightforward solution to one of the most pressing challenges for HR professionals – helping employees understand their benefits. Unfortunately, when it comes to learning about benefits, most workers feel disconnected. To make matters worse, if employees don’t engage with their benefit materials within 15 seconds, they’ll move on to something else.

This is where microsites come into play. One reason microsites are so effective is that they avoid information overload by focusing on a single topic – employee benefits. Design, navigation, and content work together to create a visually appealing, interactive experience to grab attention and keep it. With just a click of a button, employees will be connected to a company-branded site dedicated solely to the information they need to make benefit decisions.

Tip: Since the information presented on these sites is neither confidential nor personal, there is rarely a need for them to be kept behind a firewall. In other words, employees and their families can jump onto the site without a username or password.

Put me in, coach

It’s important for employees to be informed about their health coverage – and truthfully, they want to be. Smart benefit decisions can have long-lasting impacts on employees’ health and financial well-being and make a difference for the company too. However, a benefits communication strategy that relies on the company’s intranet or HR team to field questions may create more frustrations than solutions.

Empower employees to take charge of their benefits education and decision-making by providing convenient access to their plan information anytime, anywhere. Once on the site, employees can find answers to most of their benefits-related questions without unnecessary distractions or assistance from HR. And, given that microsites are available 24/7, they keep working long after the HR team has gone home.

Tip: Interested in scoreboard stats? We’ve got you covered. Our microsites track ongoing analytics – including the number of views, clicks, and downloads – so you can see the value at a glance and compare data year over year. You’ll also receive security monitoring and quarterly site updates.

Plays well with others

Benefit microsites offer the best of both worlds: streamlined content and access to deeper benefits information. With simple navigation via interactive menus and buttons, microsites allow employees to quickly find the information they need with plenty of opportunities to learn more. Quick links to in-depth benefits information may be added throughout the site. For example:

  • Plan summaries
  • Enrollment instructions
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Retirement plan information
  • Carrier contacts
  • Educational videos
  • Legal notices, flyers, and forms

Tip: By leveraging your other communication pieces, like guides, postcards, newsletters, posters, and videos, you can bring employees directly to the microsite. All you need to include is a QR code, link, or URL to make visiting the microsite easy.

A megaphone for the company

While microsites are a great tool for communicating benefits throughout the year, they’re also ideal for the promotion of short-term benefit initiatives. Use the microsite to provide updated plan information, announce important events, encourage action steps, share wellness information, and more. Frequent connection to the site helps boost employee engagement with their benefits and participation in company programs.

Tip: Create a unique page to house all Open Enrollment information. Once Open Enrollment has ended, we’ll hide that page from view.

The takeaway

A benefits microsite is a winning strategy for every company. With anytime access and a user-friendly interface, all team members and their families can discover and explore the valuable benefits they have at their fingertips. We call microsites a slam dunk.

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