The Hero Site: Your New Benefits Communication Superpower

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It’s time to put on your cape and save the world – or at least save employees from making poor benefit decisions! We know how much you, the unsung benefits heroes, do to help your employees understand their benefit offerings. And so, we remain vigilant in our mission to find new ways to take the benefits communication burden off your shoulders. We are thrilled to launch a marvelous new product: The Hero Site.

The X-Factor of a Hero Site

A Hero Site is a high impact, virtual communication tool designed to consolidate important employee materials into a compact format. These single-topic landing pages bring employees right to the information they need. By clicking on a custom URL, employees have instant access to videos, websites, reminders, and more – at any time, from anywhere.

Designed to be part of a comprehensive benefits campaign or even as a standalone product, a Hero Site introduces employees to a new, interactive experience that empowers them to read, watch, and learn more about their benefits.

The Quest Begins

Building a Hero Site is easy and convenient. Everything you need to get started can be found on a simple order form. Just fill in the information, and we’ll do the rest, including designing the site, linking to websites and documents, and hosting videos. Take a look at our Hero Site, including all the areas you can customize:

  1. Include your company logo.
  2. Grab attention with a countdown clock.
  3. Showcase a feature video here (e.g., an Open Enrollment video). You can also use this space to tie into a larger campaign by adding your benefit guide cover image and link.
  4. Customize the main message (e.g., next steps for OE, onboarding, or wellness).
  5. Add up to two buttons to direct employees where they need to go (e.g., a microsite, intranet, or enrollment site).
  6. Use the three callout boxes to share important dates, links, or other details.
  7. Add up to three videos. Choose from a selection of complimentary or fee-based explainer videos or include your own carrier or company videos.
  8. Give employees another way to find answers (e.g., HR, company intranet, benefits administration site).

Get the Word Out in a Flash

With a custom, company-branded URL – provided at no extra cost to you – you’ll be able to send employees directly to your Hero Site. We’ll even help you draft an email to distribute the link. You + CPI = The A Team.

Hero Sites to the Rescue!

Analyze the Data

After your Hero Site goes live, we’ll provide analytic usage data of unique visits, video views, audience overviews, and more, so you’ll know exactly what works for your employees and what does not.

No Cost Translation 

Need a Hero Site for non-English speakers? We will convert the content to your requested language through Google Translation – at no additional cost to you.

Year-Round Communication Opportunities

Benefits communication isn’t just needed during Open Enrollment. It’s smart to keep the conversation going all year long. Use Hero Sites throughout the year for:

  • Onboarding
  • Wellness
  • Company initiatives
  • New benefit introductions
  • Deadline reminders

The Takeaway

We know that communication is the key to making informed decisions, but getting information to employees when and where they need it can be a challenge. A Hero Site saves the day by communicating in an easy and effective format. Best of all, it makes you look like the benefits hero you are.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help.

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