The CPI Creative Reveal Call – Get Ready to Be Wowed


If you haven’t worked with Communication Partners in the past, you may not be familiar with the “Creative Reveal” call. You may be wondering how to prepare for the call, what to look for, or what to expect. The good news is that you are in for a treat – this is our favorite call of the week!

To start off your CPI communications project off with a bang, we encourage all important parties to come to the call prepared. Review these important preparation tips, then sit back, and let us wow you!

1.   Provide design assets to CPI
The key to a successful communication project with CPI starts with the design. In order for us to “wow” you with our designs, you must first gather design “assets” from your internal marketing or communications department. By “assets”, we mean your current company logo, brand guidelines, and approved imagery. Keep in mind the imagery must be 1MB or larger in size for clarity purposes. CPI can receive this information via a shared Dropbox link or through WeTransfer.

2.   Get Creative
Once we receive your design assets, CPI will get to work! Behind the scenes, our talented designers are collaborating with your Project Manager to ensure your brand and design vision for your project is captured. We create several unique design concepts to share with you as we prepare for the call.

3.   Invite Key Players to the Call
It is critical to the success of your project that all important project contributors attend the Creative Reveal call. While the Benefits team may love one design concept, the Marketing team may see an issue with or have suggestions for the same concept. Or, your team may love a cover image, but your boss has an idea of his own. We want all team members to be on the same page at the project start, so we avoid multiple rounds of design changes which can be costly and cause delays.

4.   Observe and Provide Feedback
The day of the call, CPI will walk through each of the design concepts via webinar and explain the key elements of each based on your brand, imagery, website, and themes. We encourage open and honest feedback to ensure your team is 100% satisfied and wowed.

5.   Make Your Selection
Following the Creative Reveal call, CPI will create a second round of design concepts to choose from based on your feedback. Once you make your selection, your project is ready for layout!

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