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Technicolor Open Enrollment Campaign

Technicolor has been pushing boundaries in the entertainment industry since 1914. They have a diverse employee population that expects the highest quality digital and printed media. We created a one-stop-shop for enrollment information in the form of a microsite, or benefits hub. Printed materials, including a mini guide and postcards, were sent to homes to educate employees and point them to the benefits site which houses all of the details they need to make important benefit descisions.

Online Benefits Hub

The Benefits Hub is designed to house all of the details employees need to make benefit important descisions. It provides a deep-dive into all things benefit-related, including medical and dental plans, retirement information, and more. Each benefit has its own dedicated page to make it easy to navigate and find important information and related documents. Their site includes a video library to organize custom and carrier or vendor-provided educational videos. The site also features links to their online enrollment platform to easily enroll and/or make changes as needed. It is designed to take the pressure off of the HR department by empowering employees to find detailed information and answers to common questions during open enrollment and throughout the year.

Open Enrollment Mini Guide

The Open Enrollment Mini Guide was designed as a high-level overview to help employees make informed benefit decisions during the open enrollment period. This mini guide was created for multiple employee groups and distributed before open enrollment to inform employees of their benefit options and enrollment steps in an accessible format. It also directs employees back to the Benefits Hub for more information.

Open Enrollment Video

The Open Enrollment Video is a custom-produced, informational video designed to educate employees about important dates, benefit changes, and enrollment steps. It was distributed to employees via email and posted in the video library on the Benefits Hub.


Open Enrollment Postcard

The oversized postcard was designed to be noticed. The eye-catching graphics give employees and their families important Open Enrollment details, such as key dates and next steps. It also directs them to the Benefits Hub for detailed information.

2022 Net Promoter Score

What Does This Mean?

Providing the highest level of hospitality is important to us. Surveys give us the feedback we need to continually meet this goal. We’re pretty proud of our Net Promoter Score (NPS). Here’s why:

What Is NPS?

NPS is based on the percentage of survey respondents who are promoters, passives, and detractors:

  • Promoter: Score of 9 or 10
  • Passive: Score of 7 or 8
  • Detractor: Score of 0 to 6

Scores range from -100 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the percentage of promoters versus detractors.

What Is a Good NPS?*

Above 0: Good
Above 20: Favorable
Above 50: Excellent
Above 80: World Class

*Bain & Company, creators of NPS