Surviving & Thriving During Open Enrollment 2020


Communicating benefits to employees can be difficult at the best of times. In 2020, you may be faced with a new set of challenges. Social distancing requirements, remote workers, and a level of uncertainty give us the opportunity to look at open enrollment in a new way. We’re here to help.

5 Tips for Open Enrollment Success

1. Get started earlier than usual

Pre-enrollment planning takes on added importance this year. If your employees are not able to participate in health fairs and enrollment meetings, there may be a greater need for additional communication this year to make sure they understand their benefit options.

Are you adding a new medical plan, a Health Savings Account, or voluntary benefits? Educate and inform employees about the new options using tools, such as postcards or email announcements, then trickle reminders and in-depth communications over the next few months. Videos or eye-catching mailers sent to employees’ homes can help them become comfortable with the plans and terminology, so they can make informed benefit decisions.

2. Develop content now

A great way to get a head-start on your open enrollment communications is to begin the content creation process now. Begin working on your benefit materials even before you have final renewal decisions, especially if you expect minimal changes. Guide content can be written now with minor adjustments made once decisions are complete.

3. Include VIPs in the review process asap

Make sure all key decision-makers are involved early in the review process. Our process allows for multiple rounds of review. But, don’t wait until the last minute to loop in the marketing team or HR director for approval, as this could cause unnecessary delay.

Additional review cycles can impact deadlines and incur additional costs. Thorough internal reviews and consolidated edits save you time and money.

4. Go digital

This might be the right time to consider digital options to reduce, or even remove, print and shipping costs and keep delays to a minimum. Benefit guides, videos, microsites, and more can be shared with employees as digital materials.

The best part of using digital options is that these versions can be quickly updated and sent to employees via the company intranet, email, and microsites. Get a quote from us.

5. Let the experts help

When it comes to educating your employees about their benefits, bring in the experts. Benefits education is what CPI does best. Our objective is to get to know you, your company, and your goals.

Establish regular, weekly, or bi-weekly meetings with your CPI project manager or reach out to to meet or exceed your goals for open enrollment. Let our team help you determine your needs, keep your timeline on schedule, provide high-quality materials to your employees, and offer solutions to keep your costs as low as possible.

We are here to help make open enrollment easier! Give your employees plenty of time to get the benefits information they need, early and often. With a few tweaks and a little pre-planning, we can help make 2020 your smoothest open enrollment season yet! Get started today.

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