Simple Solutions to Your Toughest Benefits Communication Challenges

We asked, you answered!

We’re always on the lookout for ways to help you communicate benefits more effectively. We recently asked you, our clients and broker partners, to share the toughest challenges when it comes to communicating benefits.

You had a lot to say! Here are some of your toughest challenges along with straightforward solutions to make communicating benefits easier.


Challenge #1: Employees don’t read their communication materials.

Solution: Incorporate more fun, more often.

Benefits communication shouldn’t be limited to open enrollment season alone. Give employees the information they need, when they need it, with targeted communications spread throughout the year.

A year-round campaign allows you to introduce new plans or programs, send reminders of important dates and deadlines, and educate employees on key topics and benefit resources.

And don’t be afraid to add a little humor. Catch an employee’s eye with amusing graphics or teaser language, then keep them engaged with benefits information that is presented in an easy-to-digest manner.

Use visual elements, such as icons, callouts, and white space to give employees the information they need without overwhelming text or distracting clutter.


Challenge #2: There’s not enough time to communicate benefits effectively.

Solution: Give employees the gift of self-sufficiency.

A central access point for all benefits information gives employees and their families the information they need without requiring HR assistance.

Give employees a mobile solution to access their benefits information from their mobile device. This simple approach to benefits communication provides a gateway to contact information, plan documents, and benefit guide access on an employee’s smart phone.

Or populate a benefits microsite with plan comparisons, engaging content, and clickable links to keep employees interested and informed. Benefit microsites offer a wealth of information in a simple-to-use format.


Challenge #3: Employees don’t know the value of their benefits package.

Solution: Show them the money.

An effective way to show employees the extent of their benefits package is with a Total Compensation Statement.

These customized and personalized documents allow employees to see the entire suite of healthcare, financial, and wellness benefits along with the cost that their employer pays on the employee’s behalf.

Your company likely provides its employees with a wide array of benefits. Put that information into an easy-to-read format so your employees know the value you place in them.


Challenge #4: We need to keep costs down.

Solution: Remove unnecessary content from printed materials.

Printed documents are an effective way to communicate with employees but the cost to print and ship materials can be high. You can save money by keeping page counts down.

Present the most important information to employees without unnecessary fluff. A reduced-content guide can provide an overview of the most important information while pointing employees to online resources for a deeper dive into their benefits.

House important legal notices and other plan documents on the company’s intranet or a benefits microsite to allow employees to easily locate the information they need.

The results are in.

Despite the challenges you face when it comes to communicating benefits, you are dedicated to giving employees the information they need to make wise benefit choices. We’re here to help you succeed.

Contact the team at Communication Partners to find out how we can help you communicate benefits more effectively during open enrollment and year-round.

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