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You’ve got great benefits to offer and key positions to fill, so how do you get talent to spot your job ad?

Stand Out in the Crowd

The job ad is the first impression you offer potential hires. And yet many job ads get it wrong, providing a dry and unwelcoming job description that leaves many would-be applicants uninterested and willing to keep scrolling.

You cannot afford to miss an opportunity to stand out.

A good job ad is a warm handshake and a smile, inviting talent in the door. And if you’re not taking the time to make your recruitment messaging unique, authentic, and inviting, more and more companies are.

So how do you stand out?

The Anatomy of a Great Job Ad

It’s 33% What You Have to Offer

You’ve got a great benefits package? That needs to be one of the first things they see. Flexible work schedule? Heck yeah. Don’t neglect how powerful these details are. At this first glance, the people they’ll work alongside is more important than a preferred educational background.

It’s 33% Who You Are as a Company

Culture matters. And you’ll be doing yourself a favor by painting a picture of your culture and bringing in people who are going to love it. Don’t be shy. Are you nerds and dog lovers? Do you maintain a no-jerk atmosphere? Are you workaholics who are weird about how much you love your company?

Show your true colors and know that you’ll find applicants who will promote and contribute to your unique culture.

It’s 33% What the Position Is

Less is more. Tell your applicant in one sentence what the position is. List out few high-level requirements. Need someone on a night shift schedule? Or do you require a certification to be eligible? Put it here. But don’t overdo it. The non-critical information will be waiting for them if they click the Call-to-Action.

And 1% Wow Factor

A great job ad is one that gets noticed. Help your job postings be seen and remembered by using a bit of artistry. Grab attention, create intrigue, and delight the senses through eye-catching design and clever content. For a job ad they’ll want to read, take a cue from social media – make it pop and keep it brief!

Make the Job Ad Easy for You

You’ve got lots of positions to fill, so CPI’s Job Ads are delivered to you as a customizable template. 75% of the job ad is strategically created to apply to a category of positions, most typically, entry-level, mid, and senior-level positions. The remaining 25% is specific to the position itself and you get to input that yourself using Adobe PDF, creating a cost-effective solution for your recruiting needs.

When you’re ready to hire, customize the template for the position, update the Call-to-Action link on the bottom to point to the full job listing, and you’re ready to go.

What About the Full Position Details?

The job ad sits on top of a traditional job description. If your applicant is interested, they click a call-to-action link at the bottom of the job ad and are taken to a traditional job description with full position details.

That’s important for two reasons.

  1. You don’t have to abandon your current strategy for posting positions. You’re simply adding a new entry point for applicants which can be posted anywhere that you can upload a PDF including social media channels.
  2. Now when your applicants go to the full description they’ve already had a warm introduction to your company and are more likely to make it to the application.

Job Ads and Open Enrollment

To take your recruiting a step farther, CPI can integrate your job ads with employee benefits communication, amplifying your value proposition by offering a consistent look and feel across communications. If you use benefits communications as recruiting collateral, QR codes can take users from the job ad to other benefits materials, allowing you to track usage.

The Takeaway

Let’s face it, most job postings can be bland. Recruit more effectively with a job ad that gets noticed and gives potential employees a quick overview of the job, company, and culture. A well-designed job ad will help applicants find your job openings and click the Apply Now button.

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