Postcards: Good Things Come in Small Packages


When it comes to reaching employees and their families, postcards deliver. A useful addition to your benefits campaign, postcards are affordable, simple, and eye-catching. With a smaller landscape, postcards make a big splash and spur employees (and dependents) to action.

4 Ways Postcards Deliver

1.    Short and sweet with clear calls to action

Postcards come with the tall order of communicating a concise and impactful message. Whether you want to highlight Open Enrollment, promote your company’s wellness program, drive participation in the EAP, or introduce your new benefits microsite, postcards capture the readers’ attention quickly with fewer words.  

TIP: Keep the focus on your message by minimizing clutter and displaying key words prominently.

Big5 Postcard

2.    Reach the whole family

Since postcards are sent to employees’ home addresses, they ensure family members are in the know. Important dates, messaging, and benefits information can easily be seen by the families’ decision-makers.

TIP: Add a QR code to direct employees and their family members to the company’s microsite or related website for more information on each topic.

3.    More bang for your buck

Looking for a cost-effective mailer? This is where postcards shine. They cost less to print, don’t require an envelope, and postage is cheaper than standard-sized mailers or newsletters.

TIP: Make an even bigger impact with oversized postcards or unique cardstock options. Your message will get noticed – even in a pile of junk mail.

4.    Eye-catching designs for the win

Adding colorful and fun imagery will brighten up any mailbox. Postcards using your company’s branding and benefits communication theme stand out in a way that makes employees and their family members take notice.

TIP: Add textural coating options and compelling, high-quality images to engage the senses.

The Takeaway

Postcards play an essential role in an effective benefits communication campaign and deliver a high ROI. With clear calls to action, a small footprint, and low costs, postcards help boost employee and dependent participation, making them a winning strategy.

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