NOV Open Enrollment Campaign

NOV is a dynamic 5,000+ employee company in the energy industry. They have a diverse workforce that spans both office, administrative, and on-site workers. They needed a solution to make their benefits information available at all times, regardless of location. We created a benefits portal and a variety of printed materials that consistantly point employees to the microsite. QR codes were used on their printed Annual Enrollment Guide and postcards to make it easy for employees to find the information they need quickly. Multiple educational videos were created and organized in a video library on the microsite to help employees make informed benefit decisions.

Online Benefits Portal

The NOV Benefits Portal was created for employees to have quick access to information, forms, and educational videos to help them make the best benefit choices for themselves and their families. This microsite provides detailed information for medical plans, retirement savings, benefit contacts, and more at their fingertips. The portal accomodates documents and forms related to their benefits. The NOV portal is an all-in-one resource for everything benefit-related.

Annual Enrollment Decisions Guide

This printed mini-guide was created as a high-level reference for important dates and actions needed for the company’s annual enrollment period. It was mailed directly to employees homes as a guide to show employees how to prepare for benefit enrollment. QR codes were utilized to make it convenient for employees to scan and find more information as needed.

Annual Enrollment Video

This custom video was created specifically to educate employees about annual enrollment. It is a concise, high-level overview which directs employees to the NOV portal for a deeper dive into their benefits. It was designed to be used as a breakroom presentation but could also be consumed at the employees discretion via the NOV portal’s video library, intranet, or email.



This postcard was designed and mailed directly to employees to promote the NOV Benefits Portal and remind employees of the dates of annual enrollment. A QR code was provided to make it convenient to view the portal via cellphone or tablet.