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Let the Open Enrollment Race Begin:

4 Tried-and-True Tips to Get You to the Finish Line


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Open Enrollment is both a marathon and a sprint. Months of preparation become busy days of ensuring every box is checked, and every detail is thought through.

Since Open Enrollment comes around each year, figuring out the best course of action is worth the extra effort. Luckily, we have been through enough Open Enrollment seasons to see the patterns and discover ways to save time and effort without compromising quality.

Rock the Open Enrollment road

With these four tried-and-true tips, you can ensure your Open Enrollment is smooth sailing.

Look back before you look forward.

There’s no need to learn the same lesson twice. Review your notes from last year’s Open Enrollment before the season starts. If you’re new, ask your colleagues for input. Some questions you should
ask include:

  • What worked well during each phase of Open Enrollment?
  • What caused frustration last year?
  • What would make this year easier?

It’s all about the processes.

Processes make everything simpler and keeps mistakes from getting in your way. When you and your team follow the procedures you create, everyone stays on the same page and knows what to expect. Before Open Enrollment begins, it’s a good idea to update any clunky practices, e.g., consider digitizing paper enrollment forms to streamline Open Enrollment. To keep everything moving, schedule regular check-ins with your teams to encourage staff to raise questions, address concerns, and give status reports.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Should we say it again? Prepare! Nothing beats good old preparation when getting ready for Open Enrollment. It may seem obvious, but at CPI, we’ve seen how a lack of preparation can cause some big problems. Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling:

  • Make sure everyone is up to date on their roles. Setting clear expectations will go a long way to make it a good experience all around.
  • Determine your key messages and the best communication methods to reach your employees.
  • Know who needs to review communications at each stage. Bring in leadership to ensure the communications reflect the brand and message of the company.

Looking for some preparation help? Check out our free goal setting worksheet and Open Enrollment checklist.

Take time for you!

We understand that you have an overflowing plate—people to lead and care for, a never-ending to-do list, and more meetings than you can count. To keep your stamina during Open Enrollment, it’s important to schedule time to take care of yourself. You’ll not only combat burnout and relieve stress, but you’ll be a more compassionate and effective leader at work and at home.

Need ideas? Incorporate movement, deep breathing, quality sleep, and healthy eating habits to give your body and brain the fuel they need.

The Takeaway

When it comes to Open Enrollment, knowing how to best navigate the road ahead helps you stay on the right track and avoid any pitfalls. We’re here to help you have a smooth Open Enrollment season. Contact us to get started.

Want to win the Open Enrollment race? Start with our free Open Enrollment toolkit. It will help you get from start to finish and enjoy the in-between.

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