Benefits Demystified: Communication without Complication

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It wasn’t all that long ago that words like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi were just starting to enter everyday conversation. There was a select group of early adopters and experts who knew what they were talking about, but most people just nodded, eyes glazed over, hoping something would just magically connect.

Fast forward a few years, and it’s a new day. Everyone is connected to everything. Whole houses are built around Bluetooth, and your three-year old can get on the Wi-Fi.

The same can’t be said for employee benefits. Unfortunately, for all the improvements that have been made to our plans and programs, the language of healthcare remains largely misunderstood and navigating the system is daunting. Many people remain confused and disconnected.

Research has shown that employees who understand and value their company’s benefits programs are more engaged and more likely to stay. They also make better healthcare decisions, which saves us all money in the long run.

As HR professionals, benefits experts, and business owners, we owe it to our employees to simplify the language of benefits. To make it part of the everyday vernacular. To help them make the best choices because they really understand what’s being offered.

How do we communicate benefits effectively, but simply?

We, at Communication Partners, Inc., have put a lot of time into answering this question and have developed a few simple solutions that really work:

Editorial-style layouts

We’re a little nerdy when it comes to communications. We enjoy looking at social media, magazines, videos, and guides just to see where our eyes go, what information we retain, and what we miss. We design our products with this in mind, leading to guides that feel like magazines, microsites that respond like websites, and videos that capture attention like commercials. Captivating design and down-to-earth content will draw the reader in and keep them there.


Visually appealing and eye-catching, infographics are easy to digest, even with a quick glance. The human brain generally processes visuals better than text, so when explaining complex ideas, like Health Savings Accounts, images help. Check out an example of CPI’s infographics.

Easy-to-understand glossaries

Copays and EOBs and FSAs, oh my. Benefits lingo is endless! For people who have spent a career in benefits, it’s common language. And while every profession has its own jargon, the majority don’t expect the average consumer to understand it. Not so with insurance! Consumers are meant to fully comprehend words they hear once a year and to make financial decisions based on them. CPI lessens the burden on the employee by creating glossaries of terms that are simple to navigate and easy to understand.

Lifestyle examples

We know that when the reader can visualize themself in a situation, they are more likely to be engaged with the content. CPI’s lifestyle examples add a touch of “this could be me!” to benefit guides and videos. By giving employees the opportunity to see themselves in a scenario, they can do the math and determine which plan is the best fit for them and their family.

Deliverables that use common language

News writers write to a third-grade level. Why? When information is important and needs to be understood, using big words and technical terms just won’t do. We’ve taken that same “keep it simple” approach to benefits writing. Our team of dedicated content writers and copy editors are experts at making sure your materials say exactly what your employees need to hear. Nothing more, nothing less. We take the fancy insurance-speak out of insurance, all while incorporating your company’s voice and tone.

Frequently asked questions

It pays to be proactive. When we take work off the desks of busy HR professionals, everyone is happy. FAQs make it easier for employees to be self-sufficient, reducing the need for HR to field common questions. We’ll help you create a customized FAQ page to be included within your benefit guide, microsite, or intranet.

The Takeaway

Benefits can be confusing, but they don’t have to be. Use our team of experts to help you develop communication pieces that simplify your message, get you off dial up, and help your employees feel connected. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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