5 Benefits of Onboarding Employees with Video


After you complete the hard work of recruiting top talent, onboarding is the time to establish your culture and remind them they made a great choice by joining your team. Great companies take the time to review important new hire information, but have you thought about your delivery in educating new employees?

When you’re walking new employees through a fast-moving PowerPoint, it can be hard for them to keep up and grasp the important information. That’s where onboarding videos can come into play.

Videos with professional voiceover and animated characters can make onboarding fun andinformative. Check out these five benefits of onboarding new employees with video.

1. Effectively Communicate Your Culture & Values
Company culture is a difficult thing to communicate by words alone. So why not give them a taste of your company culture and reiterate your values on their very first day through animated video.

Onboarding video scripts are customized based on your culture and message and can express your values in creative ways. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a good first impression that lasts!

2. Tap into the Power of Visual Learning
Animated videos help welcome new hires and get them up to speed with information that’s easy to follow AND understand. Visual aids engage viewers and provide context for their new work environment. Through examples and scenarios, you can convey your company brand, values, and professional culture while providing tools and resources to acclimate them to their new position as quickly as possible.

Visual onboarding videos create an easier employee transition and help them find their place in aligning to the company mission and values. This can increase employee engagement and ultimately, business results.

3. Ease First Day Nerves
The first day or two at a new company is often full of paperwork and details. Rather than listening to a stale presentation, employees are engaged the moment you click “Play”. This method reduces intimidation and employees can relax and even enjoy themselves.

4. Verbal Explanations Don’t Always Do It Justice
Videos communicate important information visually where plain, verbal explanations can’t do it justice. Using animated video allows you to create high-quality content that can be modified as rules or policies change.

Each year, your onboarding program can be refreshed with updated language and imagery to always keep it fresh, current, and appealing to your audience.

5. Get a Better ROI with Video Onboarding
The best part? Video can save your company time and money over time! High turnover is expensive for companies. Employees who have a negative onboarding experience are less likely to stick around.
Companies who use creative onboarding methods, such as video, experience 50% higher new hire retention rates. When employees have a structured and well-thought-out onboarding experience, they’re 58% more likely to remain at the company after three years. In addition, managers are happier as well with satisfaction increasing by 20% when their new employees have formal onboarding training.

Ready to chat with a communications consultant about how to create a custom video to engage your employees? Contact Communication Partners Inc. today to learn how we can help you develop an onboarding strategy starting with branded video.

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