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On our quest to deliver world-class employee benefits materials, we set out to find one resource that checks all the boxes.

  • Covers benefits basics
  • Adds in important extras
  • Links to valuable resources
  • Delights the senses
  • Makes it fun to learn about benefits

We’re pleased to have created a product that combines functionality, award-winning design, and creative communication—the navigation-enhanced guide.

A benefits game-changer

If you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to engage employees in their benefits, our navigation-enhanced guide may be just the ticket. We have carefully crafted our signature “nav guide,” as we like to call it, to reach not only employees, but their family members too.

We also know that benefits communication doesn’t stop at Open Enrollment, so our nav guide is designed to be a handy resource for employees and their family throughout the year.

Winning features

As you get to know the nav guide, let us introduce you to our favorite features.

Find the answers

It’s important to be able to quickly find the information you need when you need it. Using simple menus, links, and buttons, employees can easily locate and jump to specific plans and contacts. Knowing where to go when they have questions will steer employees toward self-reliance—reducing questions to busy HR teams.

Get ‘em in the game

Your employees are comfortable interacting with digital materials. On a regular basis, they scroll through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We’ve taken some of the lessons learned from social media and incorporated them into our nav guide. Employees get to click on topics, explore materials, watch videos, and more from their laptop, tablet, or phone. A convenient, interactive experience will boost engagement in their benefits.

Links galore

One of the most valuable features of the nav guide is the ability to embed hyperlinks to direct employees to important information. Your benefits hub, carrier flyers, videos, vendor sites, etc. will be easier to find than ever. This broadens the scope and gives you the option to make the nav guide less text heavy. Employees get a customized experience; they can scan the benefit highlights or click a button for a deeper dive. 

Go short…or long

When you’re printing a guide, there are certain rules you must follow (i.e., the page count must be in multiples of 4). And, since the paper industry has been hit hard (see our recent blog), a digital option like the nav guide may be the answer. Make it as long or as short as you need. By spreading out your benefits information, you can add eye-catching graphics and make use of white space for a better benefits experience.

The Takeaway

The goal of any benefits communication is to get employees to read the materials, take action, and make informed decisions about their health and well-being. The navigation-enhanced guide is specifically designed to meet all their needs and serve as a reference year-round.

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