Lifecycle of an Edit: Why Even Minor Edits Take Longer Than You Think


At Communication Partners, we are proud to create beautiful and engaging employee communications for our clients. Through time, effort, and collaboration, we provide custom, branded products on time and within budget.

Our timelines and pricing are based on two rounds of review for content and two rounds of review for design. Your thorough review of your communications during the review cycles are the best way to ensure your deliverables are picture perfect.

Additional rounds of review can derail deadlines and are subject to additional cost. Even a single edit must go through the CPI editing process and quality control.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the CPI Editing Process

Have you wondered why we require an additional fee for edits, even minor ones, received after the contracted rounds of review? A small edit submitted after the allotted review may seem insignificant, but there are several steps required to make the requested change. In the spirit of transparency, we would like to take you on a tour of our editing process.

An Edit’s 8-Step Journey

  1. The client sends an edit request to CPI.
  2. The Project Manager (PM) reviews the requested edits, marks up a PDF draft, and adds them to the Art Department production queue.
  3. An artist makes the requested edits to the InDesign document and ensures the overall layout remains consistent with the design. Sometimes, the insertion of a single word can change the orientation of a paragraph or text box which can have a ripple effect on the remaining pages. Once all changes are made, the artist sends the updated version to our Quality Control (QC) team.
  4. QC reviews the entire document to confirm all edits have been incorporated and other areas of the document have not been impacted. For example, QC confirms proper updates to the Table of Contents resulting from changes to header titles, page movement, etc. The QC team either approves the document or sends it back to the art team for further revision. Once approved by QC, the guide is sent to the PM.
  5. The PM completes an additional review of the updated document and, if approved, will send it to the client.
  6. CPI awaits final approval from the client.
  7. If the document is approved, the artist will create a final pdf and flipbook (e-reader) of the guide. Alternatively, if further edits are requested by the client, the process will repeat from Step 1.
  8. When final approval is received, the PM will send the completed files to the client.

How Do Consolidated Edits Save Time and Money?

To avoid additional, time-consuming, and costly trips through the editing process, we encourage you to request input from all collaborators, such as brokers, human resources personnel, executive team members, marketing staff, and/or legal counsel early in the review process. Once the review is complete, combine all feedback into a single document and send to CPI.

When this approach is embraced, the likelihood that additional rounds of review will be required is minimized, which helps us stay within the parameters of your contract. This way you are not subject to additional costs, if further edits are requested.

3 Ways You Can Avoid Additional Rounds of Review

  1. Invite participation early in the process.Make sure all concerned parties are involved in the review process from the very beginning. In-depth review across all departments will save time and money. In addition, you will have the confidence of knowing your communications are being conveyed accurately and within brand guidelines.
  2. Provide edits through the CPI proofing system.Handwritten edits can be misinterpreted leading to mistakes and frustration. Using our proofing system makes markups easy and efficient. With less time spent interpreting and inserting requested edits, our team can make changes quickly and accurately.
  3. Reach out to your CPI team with any questions. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your project, don’t hesitate to contact your Project Manager.

At Communication Partners, we create beautiful employee communications delivered on time and within budget. Contact us to get started today!

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