Case Study: Kuni Automotive

The Back Story

Rolling out a new HSA can induce a level of discomfort with a younger population. Why? – because it’s far from what they know. Often times, millennials and other young demographics take on the same insurance buying habits as their baby boomer parents. “Mom & Dad are in the PPO… I should too.”

Our Solution

Kuni Automotive elected to introduce a new HSA plan and realized early on that an effective communication campaign needed to accompany the new option. We developed an animated video that combined useful information, simple examples and entertainment. The script covered the plan and how it works in plain English. The animation moved quickly and held attention.

The Results

A video that provided a consistent message to every employee in every auto dealership under the Kuni brand was produced and thoughtfully distributed. Kuni saw the desired participation in the alternate health option. Employees made informed and confident decisions.