5 Steps to Creating a Customized HR Brand

Today, Human Resources (HR) departments recognize the need to create an internal brand to educate and communicate with employees. An HR brand helps employees recognize HR communications while building culture and trust.

At Communication Partners, we help HR departments across the country build a cohesive brand. Through the process of discovery, creation, and collaboration, we deliver pinpointed HR branding based on your corporate brand, employee population, and culture. 

5 Steps to Creating an HR Brand

Our process to create a customized HR brand includes the following five steps:

1. Discovery

A discovery meeting with our designers helps pinpoint strategic initiatives, employee population, and communication goals. Here we discuss strategic brand development steps. 

2. Creative Brief 

Our team distills insights from the discovery meeting into a single document with the final design and development directives. At this stage, we establish a strategic plan and timeline.

3. Development

Next, we begin development. Our team will unveil concepts during a creative reveal meeting allowing HR to provide feedback.

4. Refinement

With feedback from the creative reveal, our team refines the brand concept and moves toward implementation and deployment of the brand. 

5. Deploy

Once we have final approval, we will go-live with your HR brand and arrange for a seamless and efficient implementation.

Does your company need an HR brand? At CPI, we help companies create customized HR branding to enhance employee communications. Contact us today to get started.