to the Classic Benefit Guide program

Welcome to the new Classic Guide 2.0!

You have arrived at the CPI Template Benefit Guide Pond. Ok, well maybe it’s not a real pond but it’s definitely a new and cutting edge place to produce fun and creative Benefit Guides on a low budget. How does that sound? 


Let’s take a quick minute to review the Requirements:

  1. Your Guide will be 12 or 16 pages
  2. Up to four medical plans
  3. Up to three dental plans
  4. Two vision plans
  5. One Employee Assistance Program 
  6. Health Care Flexible Spending Account
  7. Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  8. Basic Life and AD&D
  9. Supplemental Life and AD&D
  10. Short-Term Disability 
  11. Long-Term Disability
  12. Additional Benefits
  13. High resolution logo in .eps format

If items 1-13 fit within your needs and you have all of this information, hop on over and register for an account to get started! 


This is a custom guide if any of the following apply:

  1. More than four medical plans
  2. More than three dental plans
  3. More than two vision plans
  4. Retirement benefits and other benefits not listed under "Requirements"